Tim Cholvat named new executive director of Center for Business Analytics


Cholvat has been involved with the center for many years, […]

Cholvat has been involved with the center for many years, attending its various events and programming before moving into this new leadership position. In a letter to the center’s corporate partners, Cholvat thanked the leadership team for the foundation they had built and offered a peek at what he hopes to do during his tenure.  

“Over the past several years, (former executive director) Glenn (Wegryn), Mike (Fry) and the rest of the team have taken the center from simply a vision on paper to a now robust and active association of analytics leaders,” wrote Cholvat. “As I move into the role of executive director, I look forward to continuing the activities that our members have found so valuable and embarking on creating the next chapter of the center’s development.”

Cholvat sees ample opportunities to innovate with the center as the business ecosystem continues to change at a rapid pace. 

“Things evolve over time, just like something like AI. Our partners’ needs are shifting so we must also shift and evolve to meet them where they are.”

Taking the leap from a corporate environment to a more academic one excites Cholvat. He cherishes the opportunity to bring a new perspective and another dimension of thinking to the center. Cholvat looks forward to “being a true partner to the center’s stakeholders and community.” 

But even as he seeks to build upon how the center serves its partners, Cholvat still has an eye toward how the center can best align with the university’s mission and long-term vision, recognizing that the role of the center is truly unique.

“I haven’t seen anything like the UC Center for Business Analytics anywhere else in the U.S.,” said Cholvat. “For the breadth of it and for the uniqueness of the value it brings to its member companies.” 

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