The High Tea Party in Australia

The classiest girls’ day out is taking over Australia!

Step right up to receive your free glass of sparkling wine upon arrival at The High Tea Party. Your next move? That’s entirely up to you ­– but it’ll be tough to wait all day for the delectable chocolates, cakes and scones waiting for you in the ballroom.

So let’s say you start with the high tea (seatings are at 10.30am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm and 4.30pm) ­– that way you’ve got the rest of the day to play.

The ultra-feminine event, which began in 2006, welcomes more than 25,000 women every year. It’s promoted as an all-day event and, ladies, it really is. Don’t make the mistake many others do when they don’t set aside an entire day to experience everything that’s on offer; you won’t want to miss out on the free makeup and hairstyling workshops or even a massage.

Not to mention personal stylist Jo Blankfield’s fashion tutorial. This styling superstar throws out the rule book of traditional body shapes and instead focuses on breaking down each body to create your own individual shape. We always tell our friends “everybody’s different” – well, Jo forces us to listen to our own advice, and the results are inspiring.

In the interest of enticing you even more (not that you need it), it’s time to namedrop… Jacob’s Creek, Fayreform, The Liquor Baroness, Joh Bailey, Guylian, The Jojoba Company, Margaret’s Nails – they’re just a few of the brands that make an appearance. Plus, you’ll leave with a gorgeous gift bag filled with the latest and greatest products to have hit our shores!

The High Tea Party’s whole aim is to keep us – the fabulous women of Australia – looking and feeling great. We lead such busy lives and look after so many other people, so it’s easy to forget to nurture numero uno. If this sounds like the life you lead, do yourself a favor and set aside one day for pampering, luxury and style – you’ll come out of it feeling happy, relaxed and ready to take on the world.

The High Tea Party
t: (02) 9572 7455
a: Hilton Adelaide (May 30-31); Sofitel Melbourne on Collins (July 18-19);
Parmelia Hilton Perth (August 29-30); Hilton Sydney (October 31 to November 1); Hilton Brisbane (March 5-6, 2016).

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