The 8 Best Plus-Size Clothing Stores in New York City


New York City is known as a fashion mecca, offering […]

New York City is known as a fashion mecca, offering an array of shopping options for all sizes and styles. For those in search of trendy and fashionable plus-size clothing, the city is a treasure trove of options. From high-end boutiques to budget-friendly stores, New York City has something for everyone. In this article, we will explore the eight best plus-size clothing stores in the Big Apple, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

  • Madison Plus Select:

Located in the trendy neighborhood of SoHo, Madison Plus Select offers a carefully curated collection of designer clothing exclusively for plus-size women. Their stylish and chic selection ranges from casual wear to elegant evening dresses. Madison Plus Select prides itself on providing a personalized shopping experience with knowledgeable staff who can assist in finding the perfect fit for any occasion.

  • Universal Standard:

Universal Standard is a trailblazer in the plus-size fashion industry, renowned for its inclusive sizing and diverse range of styles. With a flagship store in SoHo, they offer a vast selection of modern and sophisticated clothing, catering to sizes 00 to 40. Their commitment to quality and fit has made them a favorite among fashion-forward individuals seeking timeless and versatile pieces.

  • Lee Lee’s Valise:

Located in Brooklyn, Lee Lee’s Valise is a boutique that specializes in unique and vintage-inspired plus-size clothing. Their carefully curated selection features retro designs, statement pieces, and one-of-a-kind finds that celebrate individuality and self-expression. Lee Lee’s Valise is the go-to store for those seeking a distinctive and nostalgic style.

  • Eloquii:

With a prime location in Midtown Manhattan, Eloquii has become a go-to destination for plus-size women seeking trendy and affordable fashion. Offering sizes 14 to 28, their collection combines contemporary designs with inclusive sizing to cater to a diverse range of body shapes. Eloquii is known for its bold prints, vibrant colors, and on-trend styles, ensuring that customers feel fashionable and confident.

  • ModCloth:

ModCloth, situated in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is a beloved retailer known for its whimsical and retro-inspired clothing. With an extensive plus-size collection, ModCloth offers inclusive sizing up to 4X. Their eclectic mix of vintage-inspired dresses, quirky separates, and unique accessories appeals to those seeking a playful and distinctive style.

  • ASOS Curve:

ASOS Curve is an online retailer with a dedicated plus-size section that offers a wide range of clothing options for fashion enthusiasts. While they don’t have a physical store in New York City, their extensive online selection caters to a variety of styles and sizes. ASOS Curve is known for its trend-driven pieces, affordable prices, and inclusive sizing, making it a popular choice among plus-size shoppers.

  • Fashion to Figure:

Fashion to Figure, with locations in the Bronx and Brooklyn, is a trendy plus-size retailer catering to sizes 12 to 24. Their fashion-forward collection features the latest trends, stylish silhouettes, and versatile pieces suitable for various occasions. With an emphasis on body positivity, Fashion to Figure empowers customers to embrace their curves and express their personal style.

  • FullBeauty:

FullBeauty is a one-stop-shop for plus-size fashion, offering a wide range of brands and styles in sizes 12 to 44. With a flagship store in Midtown Manhattan, FullBeauty provides a comprehensive selection of clothing, lingerie, swimwear, and accessories. Their commitment to inclusivity ensures that every customer can find fashionable and well-fitting garments to suit their preferences.


New York City offers an abundance of plus-size clothing stores, catering to a wide range of styles, tastes, and budgets. Whether you’re in search of high-end designer pieces or budget-friendly finds, these eight stores provide an exceptional shopping experience for plus-size individuals. From trendy boutiques to online retailers, the options are diverse and inclusive, making New York City a haven for plus-size fashion enthusiasts seeking to express their personal style with confidence.

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