Shopping for sandals reveals footwear fashion follies


I was in search of a pair of sandals — […]

Susan Keezer

I was in search of a pair of sandals — preferably on sale. Even more preferably online so I wouldn’t have to walk outside, get into my van and drive anywhere in the heat and Canadian smoke to find these foot coverings. 

I went deep into one of my favorite online spots and failed to specify sandals. Let me say this: apparently, all women are now wearing some pretty peculiar things on their feet. Or perhaps just women under the age of 13. The rest of us know better. We know that if 

we showed up at church wearing bile green boots with fake fur cuffs nailed around the top, glitter covering the heels and plastic windows on the sides with husky fellows peeking out of them we might be asked to seek help. Maybe seek the exit until we found our stray senses. 

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