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Courtesy of Saint Laurent No matter the bag shape and […]

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Courtesy of Saint Laurent

No matter the bag shape and trend of the moment—denim top handle? Metallic box bag?—totes are the common denominator in every closet. Since you’re already carrying one to the office, the airport, and everywhere else, why not buy the most luxurious option you can find? Note: It’s by Saint Laurent.

The French maison now carries an ultra-oversized bag that’s reminiscent of a classic leather tote bag, but better. Its Icare maxi shopper is 15 by 16 inches of plush, quilted lambskin with Saint Laurent’s signature brass logo plate embellishing one side. Two panels along the side fold out for a change of shape (and extra space).

The features say this is a bag for women with places to go and a lot to take with them. But something in the juxtaposition of a quilted outer and over-the-top hardware lands at a cooler destination than a typical carry-all. Celebrity style backs this observation up: Zoë Kravitz and Hailey Bieber have worn the Icare tote in “street style” moments with cool basics (all by Saint Laurent). Sydney Sweeney and Miley Cyrus have toted it with off-duty jeans and casual footwear. Across every sighting, the bag has an elevating effect. Holding it, you’ll wonder why anyone uses a plain canvas tote.

Saint Laurent

Icare Maxi Shopping Bag in Quilted Lambskin

Saint Laurent


Whether the Icare’s cool-girl sightings are part of an expertly-deployed marketing budget isn’t the important question. It’s how to wear the bag ourselves—with these photographic reminders that practical carry-alls can also be opulent. Moms who only take their diaper bags designer will find this tote can replace their hardy nylon or canvas bags. When it’s time to pack for Memorial Day weekend, the Icare has just the right proportions to double as a compact weekender. And on a daily basis? Forget you ever carried another laptop bag. This one will take up the work tote mantle, without looking anything like a commuter accessory.

The Icare tote’s celebrity cachet likely has an expiration date (as every paparazzi-popular bag does). But the actual bag’s perfect marriage of luxury and practicality does not. Two laptops, a change of clothes, every secret you’ve ever had: The Icare will carry it all.

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