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Alan D. Miller The closing 7 days of the previous […]

Alan D. Miller

The closing 7 days of the previous 12 months was stuffed with ups and downs. Up the stairs to evaluate for crown molding, down the stairs to minimize it, again up the stairs to set up it and evaluate the future lower, and then down once again.

The lowest I went, other than to the basement of Daughter No. 2’s new-to-her old dwelling for equipment and provides, was to invest a day on my knees stripping blackened varnish from her eating home ground.

But then I soared up to a new higher on New Year’s Working day by satisfying one particular of my New Year’s resolutions: to straighten up my basement workshop and workbench. I’ll arrive again to that shortly, but to start with a minor a lot more about the do the job at our daughter’s dwelling.

She bought the century-outdated house in July and has achieved at the very least as much in six months as her mother and I did in just about 30 yrs of operating on our existing aged home. It is a testament to her vision, planning, fortitude and really hard function.

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