Frankfort Fall Festival: Next Weekend’s Can’t-Miss Extravaganza in the Heart of Illinois


FRANKFORT, IL — As summer takes its final bow and September peeks around the corner, the vibrant Village of Frankfort is abuzz with anticipation for its much-awaited annual affair: the Frankfort Fall Festival. With only a few days left until the grand kickoff on September 2nd, this captivating event promises an unforgettable Labor Day weekend for everyone.

Countdown to a Captivating Celebration Prepare to be swept off your feet as the 55th Annual Frankfort Fall Festival gears up to bring three days of non-stop fun, arts, and entertainment. From September 2nd to 4th, the charming streets of Frankfort will transform into a lively haven for over a quarter million visitors.

Artistry Meets Community Craft enthusiasts and art aficionados will find their haven among the 300 artisans hailing from every corner of the United States. From intricate crafts to innovative products, the festival will showcase an array of elite offerings. But it’s not just about the art; it’s about celebrating community spirit. Local organizations are joining forces to host special events, promising a carnival of activities that span generations.

Melodies, Bites, and More Picture this: you lounging at the Breidert Green Entertainment Stage, grooving to live music, and savoring mouthwatering treats. With an eclectic lineup spanning genres and tastes, it’s the perfect place to unwind and relish the joy of live performances. And that’s not all. The Garden Entertainment on North Oak Street will be a symphony of tributes, featuring artists that’ll make you dance and sing along.

Parade and Culinary Delights The parade on Sunday, September 3rd, will be a highlight, taking you on a vibrant journey down the streets, capturing the essence of “The Fall Fest Family.” But it’s not just about the eyes and ears; it’s about indulging every sense. The Food Court, a collaborative effort by local organizations and businesses, ensures that every bite supports the community’s non-profit endeavors.

Get Set for the Festival of the Year The Frankfort Fall Festival isn’t just an event; it’s an experience that unites art, music, food, and community. As the days tick down, excitement builds, and anticipation fills the air. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this unforgettable weekend. Mark your calendars, rally your friends and family, and gear up to make memories at the 55th Annual Frankfort Fall Festival, happening NEXT WEEKEND!

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