City, Woodlawn celebrate home renovation on East Side of Wilmington


Woodlawn Trustees declared the opening of 718 E. 11th Street, the […]

Woodlawn Trustees declared the opening of 718 E. 11th Street, the 10th cost-effective housing renovation.

Under the grant, Woodlawn Trustees will renovate 20 vacant homes to give housing for individuals and people at 80% of the space median revenue under a program announced by Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki.

The home has been renovated, with direct-paint remediation, new windows, new flooring, a new roof, up to date toilet w/ laundry facilities on the next flooring, and a renovated kitchen.  The dwelling has a living area, eating room, kitchen area, 3 bedrooms, and just one bathtub with laundry facilities and a backyard deck.

The renovations had been done by the services employees of Woodlawn Trustees, and TAG Design, a minority-owned contractor.

Woodlawn Trustees has been a supplier of cost-effective rental housing in the Metropolis of Wilmington because the early 1900’s with housing at the newly designed Flats on Union Road, and over 100 models on the East Aspect of Wilmington. 

Woodlawn is an business derived from the holdings and philanthropy of Quaker industrialist Samuel Bancroft. Woodlawn invests in inexpensive housing in Wilmington and in preserving land from advancement. Woodlawn, at instances, at moments has operate afoul of suburban neighborhood groups when it sells off tracts for improvement in buy to continue its mission.

Further data is accessible from Woodlawn Trustees at (302) 655-6215, or on the internet at

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