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The Anti-Barbie Packing List While there was a certifiable marketing […]

The Anti-Barbie Packing List

While there was a certifiable marketing blitz for Barbiecore travel items—everything from luggage collaborations to travel hair straighteners to drinks to swimwear—the curation for “anti-Barbiecore” items begins and ends at the Barbenheimer outfit inspo posts.

To start, the luggage you pack should be as minimal as possible. There’s a plethora of black luggage in the world, so much so that most of it begins to blend together. But the new Carl Friedrik Carry-on Pro in all black stands out for a few reasons. First, it’s luxury luggage. If you want to feel like you’re put together, the detail-oriented textured exterior, silent spinning wheels, and Italian leather finishes are sure to bring you there before you even step on a plane. The other feature that makes this fit the brutal, timeless vibes we’re seeking out is its trunk-like closure. Instead of a zipper, two aluminum latches secure this suitcase shut.

Alternatively, if you’re planning on doing a Barbie pink detox the old-fashioned way by going off grid, Yeti’s Crossroads 27 Liter backpack is perfect for trips to remote resorts, camping treks, and all sorts of other wild outdoor adventures. For the hardcore travelers, there’s also a waterproof backpack that can withstand full submersion. 

For footwear, Crocs are typically the travel footwear I advocate for. But as lovely as they are, they are a bit of a fashion faux pas in many place and they feel like doll shoes at best. So for a more sophisticated take on the slip-on travel shoe, Portuguese brand Oson offers The Sandal. As minimalist as those suites in Antiparos, these reclaimed leather sandals have a sleek design that still prioritize comfort. I’ll spare us all from making a Barbie Birkenstock joke here. 

Other essentials include all-black Loops, to drown out any unwanted noise for every step of your journey, from the plane to your quiet brooding time. The noise-cancelling earplugs are designed to last and have different options depending on what kind of noise you plan on experiencing. For skincare, there are plenty of options even if you’re not trying to be a total doll. The Grown Alchemist minis kit includes the five basic essentials you’ll need to stay clean and hydrated, even for the most basic routines. 

Finally, for your minimalist wardrobe, think neutral tones, deep blacks and grays, and simple silhouettes. Quince’s Core Collection has a great offering of staple pieces that fit this vibe exactly, from simple cashmere sweaters to pure suede bomber jackets.

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