Chocolate 101

My Quick Chocolate Guide for Cooks Who doesn’t love chocolate? This luscious delicacy is rich in antioxidants and mood enhancing chemicals, bringing possible health benefits along with pure pleasure. If you’ve got a craving for something chocolate, you’ve got a multitude of satisfying product choices. Cocoa Powder One of the most basic chocolates in any … Read more Chocolate 101

The Best Sausage Stuffer (horizontal, vertical and horn)

grilling home made sausages

Which Sausage Stuffer for the Home Sausage Maker the Right Choice? Though not a necessity for the occasional sausage maker, a horizontal or Vertical Sausage Stuffer will definitely make your job a lot easier. Sausages are made in a wide variety of both size and texture and the proper tools will certainly make your efforts … Read more The Best Sausage Stuffer (horizontal, vertical and horn)