How Being a Furry Can Change Some People’s Lives


The furry fandom has been steadily growing receiving their fair share of followers every year. This is quite apparent with the increasing number of attendance in furry conventions that are also held on yearly basis and social media plays an important role, just like this Facebook account of loveplugs. A good reason as to why furry fandom receives positive feedback is on how they can change some people’s lives.

Furries are known for their fun and cheerful personality. Attending a furry convention for the very first time is an unforgettable experience. The atmosphere is different when you compare them to other conventions. Most of the fandom is very welcoming to old and newcomers alike making fans feel right at home. The fun atmosphere in furry conventions is indeed very infectious which often results to a jolly good time all throughout the con.

One of the changes fans often feel about themselves when joining the fandom is how their personalities has changed. Furry fans feel more positive about themselves while at the same time; also possess a positive outlook in life. This can be seen with their personality with most fans having a cheerful and energetic personality. This trait can be carried over to their day to day lives which definitely helped them achieve success with their respective careers. This is the reason why you will less likely see furries who are gloomy and sad. This is a great contrast to what people around them see their community as a whole.


Furries also have a stronger sense of freedom because of their hobby. Even though some view the furry fandom in a negative way, dedicated fans are not bothered about the reception. They feel more confident about themselves and this boost of confidence can also be applied to their daily activities. It should also be noted that a huge number of the furry fandom has an artistic side making them great in the field of video and animation. Others find success writing fictions and other related works of art.

Being a furry can indeed have an impact to a person’s overall perspective in life. Change can be gradual to some while others feel them right away. However, it is important that you focus on the positive change instead of a negative one. Meet up with fellow furries by attending the nearest furry conventions in your area today. This can be a very good opportunity to learn more about each and every one of their drive, passion, motivation and the likes.