Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Well now you can get them delivered to basically wherever you are in Australia – and it’s for a good cause, too.




Cupcakes Delivered is a new premium online cupcake company that delivers to almost everywhere in Australia. The idea for Cupcakes Delivered came about when the founders invented their amazing packaging that would enable their stunning cupcakes to be delivered undamaged – in all their glory – to homes and offices all over the country within 24 hours.

And the cupcakes are seriously top notch. In your box of 12, you could choose the ‘chocolate decadence’ selection, which contains a dozen chocolate mud-cake-base cupcakes with an assortment of delicious, super-silky icings: peppermint, chocolate ganache and strawberry. Or there’s ‘vanilla angel’, comprising vanilla cupcakes with lemon, vanilla and blueberry icing. ‘I love you’ has a mix of vanilla and chocolate bases with icing sprinkled with edible love hearts. You could also go for the self-explanatory ‘mixed dozen’, the blue-themed ‘boyish batch’, or the pink-iced ‘pretty in pink’ selections.

Not only are you getting amazing cupcakes, but you’re also supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation - your money goes to raise funds for the prevention and cure of breast cancer. What a way to sweeten the deal.


To find out more or to order some cupcakes, visit



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