Best Blender for the Money in 2019

Buy a Blender That Will Last a Lifetime?

This is a list created to help you find the very best blender, one that will last for a very long time. Let’s face it, many of the appliances being sold in your local store or on the web are complete junk. Most of them will last a few days.

Why buy something that isn’t going to last at least as long as you do. Or worse, is unsafe and starts an electrical fire or shocks you when you’re blending something.

The blenders listed are the ones that had the best reviews from various sources as well as our own input. No price range considerations were made while compiling the list. As a result, the options below include only the top of the line blenders that offer the most power, and the most features.

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Vitamix 5200

The Vitamix 5200 is a blender that is suitable for home and professional use. This blender can be used for everything from soups to smoothies. The multifunction capabilities allow the blender to play the roles of food processor, juicer and mixer.

The motor is powerful. It has a two horsepower peak motor that moves the blades up to 240 miles per hour. The variable speed control has ten settings for handing a variety of ingredients. The control panel has an extra high-speed setting. This setting is for blending ice, frozen vegetables or other hard ingredients like chocolate. The blender is designed for durability. It has a metal container-to-base couple that extends the life of the blender.

Blendtec Total BlenderBlendtec Total Blender

The BPA-free container is made of polycarbonate and holds 48 ounces. The pitcher is designed to create a vortex that ensures efficient blending. It features an ergonomic handle with soft-touch controls. The pitcher’s lid is spill-proof and has a removable plug. Owners will appreciate that the blender cleans easily. They will also appreciate the 7-year warranty period.

This countertop blender does it all. It can make smoothies, cappuccinos, bread dough and a host of other things. The blender is so versatile; it can be a replacement for several other kitchen appliances. The Blendtec brings the commercial-quality found in juice bars inside the home. The blender has 1,560 watts and 3.0 (peak) horsepower, direct-drive motor.

Operating this blender is as easy as pushing a button. The blender has a digital touchpad with six pre-programmed buttons. Each button corresponds to a blending speed. The Smart-Touch Tech-nology makes preparing food easy. It automatically speeds up and slows down to draw ingredients into the blades. The blender has six program cycles. When the cycle is complete, the blender automatically shuts off. The 2-prong, stainless steel blade is powerful enough to crush ice.

The jar has a large and unique, four-sided design. It can hold 64 ounces. The polycarbonate jar is BPA-free and comes with a vented lid. The jar has measurement markings and a large handle. The blender’s buttons are coated to make clean up easy. The blade and jar can be cleaned with soap and water. The blender is compact to fit on or underneath the kitchen counter. It comes with a recipe book.

Vitamix 1363

The Vitamix 1363 is a multi-tasking blender that has the ability to chop, puree, grind, blend and juice. This blender is a collaborative effort between the Chef’s Institute of America and Vitamix. Its powerful 20-horsepower motor moves the blades at a maximum speed of 240 miles per hour. The speed control dial has ten speed settings. The stainless steel, laser cut blade that comes in a one-piece assembly.

The speed control dial has ten speed settings. The variety of speeds gives users a selection of settings that can determine how fine or coarse a food is chopped. The 64-ounce, polycarbonate jar is large enough to hold a substantial amount. It is also designed to create a vortex that pushes food from the blades back to the center of the container for optimal blending. The BPA-free container is shatterproof and has an easy-grip handle.

This blender delivers an impressive performance and appearance. The base is completely constructed from metal and has a brushed aluminum faceplate. Owners of the blender will appreciate how easy it is to clean. They also have some nice hand blenders reviewed at if you’re looking for something smaller.

Waring MX1000R Professional

The Waring MX1000R is a heavy-duty blender. It has a three horsepower motor that can blend soups, beverages and sauces. The blender generates enough power for its two large paddles to crush ice. There are two speed settings, high and low, and a pulse setting. The different speeds are controlled by the paddle-shaped switches that are found on the base.

The square-shaped, polycarbonate pitcher is durable and can hold 64-ounces. For ease of use, the pitcher has a nonslip handle. The lid fits snuggly on the pitcher and has a removable, clear cap for adding ingredients. To prevent the pitcher from slipping, there is a removable pad that covers the base. The base has four legs that make moving the blender easy.

The blade assembly is attached to the pitcher and has some very sharp blades. Because of this, the blender should be cleaned with soapy water and a brush after it is used. The removable pad can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Margaritaville DM2000

The Margaritaville DM2000 is not a traditional blender. However, it accomplishes one of the most common tasks blenders are used for, and according to the reviews it does it very well. If you are using your blender mainly for making frozen drinks like margaritas this might be a good choice for you. It is powered by a 550 Watt motor and it mixes the right amount of ice with the ingredients to create consistently good frozen drinks. It features four preprogrammed cycles for margaritas, daiquiris, mudslides, or smoothies.

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