Who says Las Vegas is void of culture?

Certainly not Vegas-based artist Q. Wang.

Wang’s art is all about free colours, free shapes and free strokes. He loves breaking the boundaries. Although because of that, he says, a lot of people don’t get his work. But in those who do, he has some great fans.

Pacific Book Review author Gary Sorkin said of the works featured in Q.’s book, Spirit, “As the famous French film producer Jean-Luc Godard said, ‘It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to.’ Q. Wang has taken me further into the appreciation of my surroundings, people, and love. That is what art is all about.”


Describes his style as painting from the heart. It’s not so much about the form, but about the emotion behind it. He also utilises assorted geometric shapes for impact and a non-regimental structure. Gary Sorkin describes it as hypnotising: “One of, if not my true favourite, is titled Woman. In it, Q. Wang takes a red circle, two red domes and a red triangle placed over horizontal coloured backgrounds bringing to mind a “nude” like some Hermann Rorschach inkblot test revealing my own thoughts. Other favourites of mine are titled Kiss and Lovers, where two “stick figures” embrace each other, one yellow and one red, over a green background.”

Jiuzaigou wong painting



Manet is one of Q.’s inspirations because of his free style that broke the mould. He says it was a step away from artists trying to paint alike, to them trying to create unique works that brought something new to the table. Just as Matisse did with the use of bold, bright colours, and Picasso did with abstract form.

Q Wang painting
One day while driving down Venice Blvd, Q. noticed two pictures in a yard sale. He was drawn to them and couldn’t help but get out of his car and buy them. They turned out to be two prints of paintings by the French artist Maurice Utrillo. It was that day that Q. began his journey into the world of painting, which is now is passion and livelihood. And after taking art classes at WLAC, he was set on a new path for life.

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Check out his website at http://www.Q-Wang.com.

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