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Updates & News

The Photo Booth That Suits All Your Needs


Photo booths are designed to cater to the different preferences and tastes of their clients. For that matter, you may find that the photo booth that you saw in an event that you have attended to be remotely different from the ones you saw prior. Adding your personal flavor with the photo booth that you are renting can also help them to become more unique. Let us look how you can create a photo booth that will be able to suit your needs.

Photo booths in Melbourne, Australia, like that of apb, are quite flexible allowing them to be present in a number of events. It should be noted that there is no definitive photo booth as these changes matching the event that they are present in. This however, requires direct input from their clients in order for them to work with the style and setting that you are going for. For instance, for those who are hosting an outdoor event, getting an open air photo booth is ideal as it is able to take advantage of the scenery and background which allows for more vibrant pictures. On the other hand, corporate events often benefit greatly from the more private nature of enclose photo booths. This in turn makes it possible for your high profile guests to enjoy the time they spend with your booths without worrying too much about others.


Another thing you can do for your photo booth to suit your needs is to make the necessary changes to your setup. This can be done with the type of props, backdrops as well as backgrounds that you will be using. A good example of these are the Christmas themed props that go well for the coming holiday season allowing them to blend seamlessly with your photo booth.

Finding a photo booth that suits all your needs is also made possible with the help of professional rental company. For that matter, it is important that you find a trusted and reliable partner that you can go to in times of need. Clients also need to work hand in hand with their photo booth company of choice during their creation. As mentioned earlier, photo booths are flexible and making last minute decisions in changing your booth is possible as long as communication is open between you and your photo booth rental company. Consider the tips mentioned in this article and create a booth that will be able to satisfy your needs.

How Being a Furry Can Change Some People’s Lives


The furry fandom has been steadily growing receiving their fair share of followers every year. This is quite apparent with the increasing number of attendance in furry conventions that are also held on yearly basis and social media plays an important role, just like this Facebook account of loveplugs. A good reason as to why furry fandom receives positive feedback is on how they can change some people’s lives.

Furries are known for their fun and cheerful personality. Attending a furry convention for the very first time is an unforgettable experience. The atmosphere is different when you compare them to other conventions. Most of the fandom is very welcoming to old and newcomers alike making fans feel right at home. The fun atmosphere in furry conventions is indeed very infectious which often results to a jolly good time all throughout the con.

One of the changes fans often feel about themselves when joining the fandom is how their personalities has changed. Furry fans feel more positive about themselves while at the same time; also possess a positive outlook in life. This can be seen with their personality with most fans having a cheerful and energetic personality. This trait can be carried over to their day to day lives which definitely helped them achieve success with their respective careers. This is the reason why you will less likely see furries who are gloomy and sad. This is a great contrast to what people around them see their community as a whole.


Furries also have a stronger sense of freedom because of their hobby. Even though some view the furry fandom in a negative way, dedicated fans are not bothered about the reception. They feel more confident about themselves and this boost of confidence can also be applied to their daily activities. It should also be noted that a huge number of the furry fandom has an artistic side making them great in the field of video and animation. Others find success writing fictions and other related works of art.

Being a furry can indeed have an impact to a person’s overall perspective in life. Change can be gradual to some while others feel them right away. However, it is important that you focus on the positive change instead of a negative one. Meet up with fellow furries by attending the nearest furry conventions in your area today. This can be a very good opportunity to learn more about each and every one of their drive, passion, motivation and the likes.

Unique Restaurant Dinnerware – long term advantages


Running a restaurant is not an easy task. There comes a lot of responsibilities starting from legalities to setting up of the restaurant in a good place. Not a small process it is! And the crockery items are again a good part of the process which includes containers, serving bowls, dinnerware etc. And trust me, dinnerware says a lot about yourself even it is your personal home. When it’s restaurant, dinnerware plays a crucial part, just not functionally but it communicates the ambiance and the embellishment which ascends the standard of the place. After entering into your so-called big restaurant, your customers first look at your accessories and how much dinnerware is important, it’s not a need to explain. Even the type of food you’re serving should match the things in which they are served. Yes, it is the point to be noted!

There are a few things to be considered before you decide on the budget of your restaurant dinnerware. In this part, you can’t be a miser. You need to understand that the dinnerware in your restaurant doesn’t only cate the need for some individuals again and again. Every day, new people visit your restaurant, hence, the use varies from one hand to other. So, one thing to be kept in mind is to purchase good quality of dinnerware which can withstand heavy use, just like the heavy-duty quality of Slateplate. So, do a good one-time investment say in coming 1-2 years. That would, in turn, help you to use your money judicially. You can try to buy in wholesale, as many suppliers are generally offering hefty discounts when bought in bulk. Slateplate is such a one-stop solution related to the purchase of the restaurant dinnerware – any style to everything!


The dinnerware has been too unique. Why? Let me explain, it’s not your home, it’s your restaurant. Your aim is to attract people to eat at your restaurant. So, a little bit of showoff is necessary not luxury. How about having typical kitchen stuff in your establishment? Won’t that affect your image? I’m sure it would. The chances of wear and tear would be high added up with chances of liking the dinnerware less likely. It would be a common problem with the customer and dishwasher every single day. All we want you not to skimp on – pay handsomely for something good and make sure that the dinnerware is durable.

If you’re firm believer of quality, then Slatepate is your place. It caters all the needs regarding your dinnerware issues. The dinnerware made in Slateplate’s production unit is made up of North American slate, which is the most consistent, uniform, dark black slate on the planet. It gives the strong texture, smooth surface and gleamy appearance. You can purchase wholesale. It gives easy delivery. Slateplate is all there to give you dinnerware of unique styles made of fine slate materials – strong, sleek and shiny! They believe in the fact, “Quality comes first.” What are you waiting for? Get on the line to replace your old stuff with the brand new dinnerware from Slateplate.

Common Mistakes When Getting A Second Dog


You already have one dog and you are thinking of getting a second one. When you think about having two dogs you most likely imagine it will be double the fun but it can be three times the work of one as well.

Even if you are an experienced dog owner, getting a second dog is not a decision you should take lightly. Planning can make a huge difference for everyone in the family, both humans and dog/s.

To help you plan (or maybe even decide if you really want to get a second one or not), the following are five common mistakes when getting a second dog:

Getting a second dog that is the same gender as the first one. Research has shown that there seems to be more potential for conflict when the dogs are of the same gender. Recent studies also show that the chances of aggression increase if one or both dogs have been used for breeding especially with females.

Getting a second dog too early. Make sure you have properly bonded with your first dog before getting a second one. This way you have appropriately trained the first dog and you already have good control over them before you introduce the second dog. This allows you to have more time and energy to train and properly bond with the second dog. Giving yourself enough time to the first dog also helps you observe the types of dogs that he likes interacting with.


Getting a second dog whose temperament is not compatible with the first one. Dominant dogs don’t get along well with other dominant dogs. This is also true for dogs with aggressive personalities. Owning two hyperactive dogs may not be good for you either.

Getting a second dog when the first one is not friendly or sociable. Be sure that your dog is friendly with other dogs and is welcome to the idea of a playmate. Give yourself enough time to observe your dog when he is with other dogs especially when he is in his territory.

The second dog is not gradually introduced to the first dog and introduction is not done on neutral territory. As with humans, friendships between dogs take time. Study a bit more to ease the introduction because when this is not done correctly it can be an overwhelming experience for both dogs. The introduction should be done in a neutral area, an area that both dogs are not familiar with to avoid any one of them getting all territorial and over-protective of their turf.


Avoiding these five mistakes when getting a second dog and the careful thought and planning you put into this important decision will pay off in the enjoyment of everyone involved, animals included.

Pet stone memorials or grave markers, like that of lcmemorial are a beautiful way to honor and pay tribute to your beloved four-legged companion when they pass away. Please get in touch with us for more information.

How to Pick the Right Photo Booth to Use

You have many photo booth rentals to choose from. How should you hire the right one? You certainly want to be sure that your guests can leave the event with memories that they would like to cherish for the rest of their lives. The most secure means of attaining this is to set up a photo booth rental in your next upcoming event. It doesn’t matter what type of photo booth rental you like to rent, it’s wise to consider the following steps. All these will ensure that you will have the best experience ever.


The Value of Experience

You have to consider if the company where you’re renting the photo booth from is experienced to make sure that you will have the greatest experience ever. It requires a true professional to understand all the crucial details from a quite different viewpoint. You have to bear in mind that there’s a lot more to an event than just photos. This entails creating memories that can last for a lifetime. You have to think if the onsite specialist is friendly or if they dress in a professional way. Will they also deliver everything they promised to deliver? Vendors will be able to make or break your party. Hence it’s crucial for you to know their track record to determine the success of the event.


Space Is a Special Factor to Consider

It’s necessary for you to figure out if they can give you the photo booth with your own size requirements. This includes concerns like will they be able to transport the photo booth to your own place. If it is on the second floor would it be okay to use the elevator? You also have to know the number of people that the booth can accommodate. A highly reliable photo booth company will answer all such queries without problem and they will also be able to give you advice on where to set up the booth.


Check the Design if It’s Trendy or Not

There are companies that make photo booths from plastic. There are others that use stained wood to ensure the right quality. You have to know if the company knows the material that would be able to give the best photo results. You also have to ensure the type of camera and even the photo paper used for printing. The design of the photo booth may also add more appeal or ruin the look of the room so you have to be particular about it. See some trendy rental photo booth raleigh nc.

Plum Trees for Home Gardens

Plums have to be one of the world’s most popular back yard fruit trees and for good reason. Not only are the trees themselves tough as old boots, surviving drought, winds and extremes of both hot and cold, but they also produce such wonderfully delicious, versatile fruit. Sweet, juicy plums are high in vitamin C and loaded with dietary fibre. They can be dried into roughage-rich prunes or bottled or stewed to have with porridge for breakfast. Their high pectin content makes them an excellent fruit for quick and easy jam making, and after 3-5 years the trees will be producing more than enough for all of the above.

European Vs Japanese Plums

The two most commonly grown types of plums are European and Japanese. Choosing to grow one over the other should primarily be decided according to climate, with individual varieties then being chosen according to what the fruits are mainly to be used for. European plums such as Green Gages, Coe’s Golden Drops and Damsons are better suited to colder temperate regions as they require some winter chilling to fruit well, although Damsons are often an exception to this rule. Japanese plums such as Santa Rosa, Satsuma and Mariposa on the other hand need less chilling and their blooms can be damaged by frosts so they are better suited to warm temperate climates. In addition to climatic requirements, Japanese plums tend to be larger and juicier whereas European plums are smaller with a higher sugar content.

Choosing Pairs of Plum Trees for Pollination

Most varieties of plum trees need or fruit better when grown alongside a compatible cultivar. If there is only room in the garden for one plum tree, then a self-fertile variety needs to be planted such as Santa Rosa, Italian or Damson. Japanese and European plums won’t pollinate one another, and not all cultivars are compatible so check with the nursery to ensure an appropriate match.

Popular Varieties of Plum Trees for Home Gardens

Coes Golden Drop: A large, juicy, yellow European plum with beautiful flavour when left to ripen on the tree. The versatile fruit is suitable for fresh fruit, drying and jam. The tree itself grows to approximately 4 x 4 metres (13 feet) if unpruned, and can be pollinated by most common European cultivars including Greengage, Damson and d’Agen.

Damson Plum: A small, sweet and slightly tart, dark purple plum that is suitable for drying and makes fantastic plum jam. The tree is self-fertile and bears well under a range of conditions.

Plum d’Agen: An oval shaped plum with purple skin and sweet, yellow flesh that is delicious raw but also well suited to drying. It is a heavy bearing tree that can be pollinated by Coe’s Golden Dro and Green Gage trees.

Green Gages: Named after Sir Thomas Gage, Green Gages are small, green to yellow fruits that are exceptionally sweet and delicious raw off the tree. The trees need cool temperatures during winter to fruit well and can be pollinated by Coe’s Golden Drop and Prune d’Agen.

Mariposa Plum: A Japanese blood plum with large, sweet and juicy heart-shaped fruit that can b eaten fresh or is also suitable for jam and stewing. The tree is tolerant of a range of conditions and can be pollinated by the Japanese plum tree ‘Satsuma’.

Plumcotts: Plumcott trees are actually a plum and apricot hybrid that produces delicious fruit and is especially resistant to both frosts and fruit flies. They can be pollinated by the Japanese ‘Mariposa’.

Satsuma: Satsuma Plum Trees produce medium sized, deep crimson coloured fruits with juicy yellow flesh. The trees are partially self-pollinating but will crop better when paired with a pollinator such as the Japanese ‘Santa Rosa’ which is also an excellent variety.

Speak to the staff at a nearby nursery, or search online for a fruit tree purveyor that can give advice on suitable varieties for the local climate. Plant one or two trees in a sunny spot in the garden, water regularly until they are well established and prune out any crowded branches, then sit back and be amazed by the baskets of sun-ripened fruit they repay the grower with in only a few years time.